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If you represent an Israeli enterprise seeking to engage in business within the Japanese market or a burgeoning startup seeking investment opportunities or collaboration with Japanese corporations, you are in the right place. Enter Japan is an initiative that combines the expertise of the seasoned consulting firm Nativ Yoatzim and the Japanese enterprise Shintsu SP under the ownership of the Soichiro Higuchi family. Since its inception in 1947, Shintsu SP has specialized in delivering strategic planning, marketing, advertising, and sales services within the Japanese market.

Our mission:
To bridge gaps and promote expansion

The cultural divide between Israel and Japan is substantial, as are the distinctive practices within the Japanese business landscape. Our mission is to bridge the cultural gap between Israeli and Japanese businesses, facilitate smoother interactions between enterprises from both countries, and ensure that Israeli companies can successfully penetrate the Japanese market. With a thorough understanding of Japan's complex legal, regulatory, and cultural landscapes, our team of bilingual professionals is well-equipped to help you navigate the myriad challenges you may face when entering the Japanese market.

Japanese Shrine Gate

What Do We Offer?

Assistance and support in the Japanese market

Entering the Japanese market can be challenging. We'll assist you in overcoming these challenges every step of the way, from devising a market penetration strategy and conducting market research to navigating regulatory requirements, identifying customers, and executing marketing strategies.

Finding investors and potential collaborations

For startups seeking to raise capital or collaborate with Japanese companies, we connect you with Japanese companies and investors actively seeking investment opportunities in innovative Israeli ventures. Our expertise in presenting the potential of your venture provides you with a competitive edge in attracting investment.

Sales support

Japan follows sales methods and negotiation processes deeply rooted in its culture and tradition. To succeed in the Japanese market, more than patience is needed. Our sales experts will collaborate with you to develop a tailored plan, identify potential customers, and market your products or services, fostering a loyal customer base.

Business Development

We assist established businesses in expanding their presence by identifying growth opportunities, forging partnerships with Japanese entities, and establishing a robust presence in Japan through advanced marketing tools.

Marketing, advertising and public relations

The advertising world in Japan differs significantly from what we're familiar with in the West. With over 50 years of experience in the field, our local marketing and advertising team is well-versed in these unique dynamics. Our marketing experts will collaborate with you to plan and execute effective campaigns that capture your target audience's attention, enhance brand awareness, and drive sales.

The Benefits of Our Partnership

The Legacy of Excellence of SHINTSU SP

Our partnership with SHINTSU SP brings valuable insights and an extensive network built on years of experience in both the Israeli and Japanese markets. This collaboration enhances your chances of success, enabling you to leverage decades of expertise and a proven track record in the Japanese market.

Custom-fit and Seamless Integration

Collaborating with SHINTSU SP, a Japanese partner, ensures a smoother journey into the Japanese market. Our combined efforts enable us to provide you with a range of solutions customized to your specific needs and preferences.

A Cultural Compass for Business

Understanding the intricacies of Japanese business culture is essential for success in Japan. Having a representative who understands both cultures is fundamental for proper conduct in the Japanese market.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive services for market entry and establishment in Japan

Experience in diverse B2B and B2C industries, as well as with Japanese business professionals

Deep understanding of Japanese culture and business etiquette

Extensive network and connections in the Japanese market

Personal treatment and uncompromising service

Decades of expertise and a strong reputation in both the Japanese and Israeli markets

Connecting with potential investors and collaborative partners in the Japanese market

Start your Business Journey With Us In the Japanese Market


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